Episode 33 – Ya look like Gelfling.. SMELL like Gelfling.. maybe y’ARE Gelfling!

Published On January 14, 2014 | The Nerd 411

This week we discuss Ant-Man news, DC Superman vs Batman Justice League update, Star Wars 7 update, Point Break remake, Hit Man reboot, Mandarin One Shot, Magic: The Gathering, first look at Quicksilver. TV news – Arrow premiere, Doctor Who, Gotha, update, Jim Benson Creature Shop SyFy, Face/Off. Ryan – Hidden Cape Interview. Comic Report – what’s new on shelves, review Black Widow #1. Toy Box – Plastic Galaxy documentary, upcoming pre-orders, Matty Collector MOTU line, review of NECA Battle Damage Iron Man action figure. Austin Toy Museum interview. Roll2Play Tiffany Franzoni interview. Courtney’s Cons – upcoming cons Sci Fi Expo, Interview with Houston Ghostbusters.

Austin Toy Museum     Roll2Play       Houston Ghostbusters

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