South Texas Collectors Expo Review

Published On January 26, 2015 | Blog


This past weekend January 24-25th, the Nerd 411 traveled to Laredo, Texas for South Texas Collectors Expo at TAMIU. What a great show! The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were there, Sam J. Jones (Flash Gordon,) Melody Anderson, Naomi Grossman, other celebrities and cosplayers. It started slow for a Saturday but eventually it picked up. Some artists and Wolf Photography was on the first floor, and the cosplayers, dealers room and celebrities were on the second floor.  It was easy to move around the building and also able to purchase food locally at the school. It was great seeing the various vendors selling different products and then move towards the back to talk to Sam Jones and Melody Anderson.



The fun part for me was in the photo op room where the celebrities would chat with the fans, and also seeing the Texas Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight it out with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Zordon. We also had the opportunity to interview Sam Jones and Melody Anderson of Flash Gordon. Make sure you listen to this Tuesday’s episode. The weather was perfect for the con and the promoter did an excellent job promoting it, and the turnout was great.  We always enjoy coming to Laredo for STCE and hope to continue years on end.


It was a overall a great experience to check out this convention. For what it had, it would help to have had a bigger building. Which will be remedied for the next convention. Ticket prices were reasonable and parking was good and would recommend anyone to check STCE later this year.


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