Dallas Fan Days Is Bigger Than Ever

Published On February 17, 2015 | Blog

Dallas Comic Con’s smaller show is still pretty large. There were a massive amount of people at the Irving Convention Center on February 7th and 8th. And for good reason – the convention hosted guests such as Stephen Amell (Arrow), John Barrowman (Arrow/Doctor Who/Torchwood), Colin Baker (Doctor Who), Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek: TOS), Christopher Judge (SG:1) just to name a few. There was also a rather sizable expo floor full of vendors of everything from comics and collectibles to artists selling prints, and so much more! They also had an entire floor dedicated to Photo-Ops and costuming fan groups.

Cosplay Red Carpet - Ninth Doctor(s) and Rose

Cosplay Red Carpet – Photo ©DCC

Speaking of fan groups and costuming, there was a lot of really great costuming going on at Fan Days. The convention was also good enough to put on a “Cosplay Red Carpet” for everyone in a costume to strut their stuff in front of media guests and have their picture taken. Not going to lie, I actually ran through it as well with a bunch of Ninth Doctors (since I only had my phone on me). It was a lot of fun and I think more conventions could offer a similar experience.

Stephen Amell -  Photo by Fan Expo Dallas

Photo ©DCC

The celebrities were the main draw to Fan Days. I heard that Stephen Amell’s Q&A line capped at an hour before it even began. John Barrowman’s photo ops had people lining out through the door and down the stairs on the outside patio.

With so much going on, it actually felt a little cramped. It was difficult to move between the floors and at certain points the escalators were closed to patrons and everyone had to go between floors outside. The lines for the escaltors (when available) were pretty long, and even more so when trying to get up to the 4th floor for a panel. I’m not saying that it was all bad news, though. In fact, I think it bodes well for the convention – it means it needs to move to a larger venue next year where it can continue to grow.

Fan Expo is putting on their bigger show (Fan Expo Dallas) on May 29-31st at the Dallas Convention Center . Guests scheduled to appear include Stan Lee, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Carrie Fisher, Sylvester McCoy, Karen Gillan, Adam West, and many more!

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