Life After Flash!!!!

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So the year is 1980 and I am going to watch a movie called Flash Gordon a movie about a hero from the past that my dad used to watch. I had Luke Skywalker how was this Flash Gordon guy going to entertain me. Well about ten minutes in when all I heard was Flash Gordon tell Ming “Forget it Ming, Dales with me” then the music by Queen kicks in and from that point I was hooked. This movie with characters that were lager then life like Vultan the leader of the Hawkmen to Klytus, Emperor Ming’s right hand man has had a large lasting impression in my life. So lets fast forward thirty five years when I heard that South Texas Collectors Expo (STCE) was going to have Sam J Jones “Flash Gordon” I was going to make sure that I was there to meet him. While listening to an interview we did with the promoter of STCE and he said that there was someone doing a documentary about Sam Jones. This documentary was going to follow him as he made some appearance at comic conventions, movie premier of Ted 2, and part of his everyday life with his security firm.

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While walking through the hotel I was staying at getting ready to go to the con I was approached and asked if I could be interviewed for the Flash documentary, which I was honored to be part. That when I truly found out what this documentary was going to be about, not only was it going to follow Sam Jones it was truly going to be what the title says Life After Flash, with this year being the thirty fifth anniversary the group making this documentary were making this as a reunion of the film. They plan to interview many of the cast and fans all over the world, getting great behind the scenes stories and catching some of the cast seeing each other for the first time in many years. They are currently trying to fund the film through a kickstarter campaign which has tons of perks any Flash Gordon fan would love to have. So if you are a fan of Flash Gordon you are required to go to their kickstarter page and help what you can to get this documentary made, it is the least we can do for Flash, He did save everyone of us!!!!


Life After Flash

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