Alamo City Comic Con Rock N Wrestling!

Published On April 23, 2016 | Blog

The music pounded from blocks away and inside the venue the only thing competing was the sound of luchadors hitting the canvas. The Alamo City Comic Con Rock n’ Wrestling event was a hard hitting, loud rockin’ party fit for the whole family.

When I got there the fifth wrestling match was already underway. AC/DC was blaring from the stage speakers and everyone was having a great time. A luchador flew from the turnbuckle, collided with his opponent and slammed his head on the mat. Everyone cheered on the choreographed carnage.

San Antonio has the rare ability of offering all the fun and attractions of a large municipal city while maintaining a family friendly environment. The Rock N Wrestling event felt like a typical San Antonio backyard party. Everyone was drinking but no one was drunk. There was a cloud of smoke hanging in the air, not in a dingy bar kind of way but rather like the smell of your grandpa’s beard. Unattended kids ran around cracking cascarones on each other and no one worried about them because this is San Antonio, we care about family and other people’s family.

The event was a miniaturized glimpse of the Alamo City. We should never take for granted that we’re the kind of city where your best friend’s parents expect you over for dinner and take you to school. Alamo City Comic Con put on a party that felt like a family gathering. It was Chato’s retirement party, Isabelle’s fifth birthday, or just Friday night. Amidst live punk rock music and gnarly lucha libre fighting it remained the essence of “family friendly.”

Carrying the feel of homegrown entertainment was the San Antonio based punk rock band Fea. The talent of these ferocious rockers is anything but ugly. I caught up with the band, Letty, Phannie, Jen, and Aaron after the show and they let me ask them a few questions. I was curious about how the San Antonio music scene compared with surrounding cities. “It’s not crazy different. Every city has its ups and downs.” Said Aaron. However, Jen added that they definitely get more support from their hometown. “The Current helps when they put you on the cover. Austin is too much. In San Antonio we can be a big fish in a little pond.” She said. Fea’s pace of acceleration shows that the pond is just getting smaller. The band is about to go on tour with prominent indie punk band, Against Me!

You might be wondering why I’m not using the band member’s last names. If you look at their Facebook page they’ve posted all their last names as Fea. Channeling their inner Ramones and hailing from the San Antonio it’s no surprise they’ve made themselves a family.

Yesterday Fea released their first 3-song “Zine EP” quickly to be followed by their first full album coming out July 15th. You can find out more at their website coming soon, Right now you can find them on Facebook by searching Fea and at

Alamo City Comic Con put on another successful party. Everyone had fun while counting down the days to Comic Con 2016 this October. If you haven’t been attending these ACCC parties you’re really missing out. Next time something’s going on come on out and bring the whole family.

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