Nerd 411 The Last Starfighter screening at Alamo Drafthouse

Published On April 19, 2016 | Blog

It was another fantastic turnout for our monthly classic movie screening at the
Alamo Drafthouse. We watched 1984’s The Last Starfighter and the nerdy earthlings
came out in droves to shout Victory or Death! with friends and family.


Before the movie began fans of all ages met in the lobby shaking hands and high-
fiving. No one was wearing costumes, (Starfighter jumpsuits and Grig masks are hard to
find!) All around there were conversations about memories and nostalgia, a people’s history of classic sci-fi movies.

Inside the theater, when the Young Frankenstein and Dark Star previews were over, Nerd 411’s own Jason Davis gave announcements about upcoming events. Two lucky viewers answered trivia questions and won some prizes, which included tickets to Cyber City Con in May!


After all the introductory fun was over the lights dimmed and the audience was transported back the Starbrite Starlight mobile home park with Alex Rogan and his faithful Starfighter arcade machine.


If you’re not familiar with the film, The Last Starfighter is about a young man longing to shake the dust from the trailer park he calls home and see the world. Adventure finally comes to Alex when he breaks the highest record on the Starfighter arcade game. It turns out the game was a test placed on earth by an alien recruiter named Centauri. Alex gets whisked away to a war in space where he uses his video game skills to save the galaxy.

The Last Starfighter rests in our hearts all these years because it’s every video game lover’s dream. Since childhood we’ve plopped ourselves in front of TV screens to go on virtual quests just like Alex. We want to be Link and Master Chief rescuing the princess and saving the world. It’s part of why Nerd 411 loves showing movies like this, teleporting us back to childhood, to our living rooms in front of that familiar glow of electronic adventure. Watching classic movies on the big screen helps us recapture that feeling of hope and excitement we had when we were 9 years old. Against the relentless pull of adulthood we can still yell, “Victory or Death!”

by Solomon White

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