Captain America: Civil War Review.

Published On May 7, 2016 | Blog

The only word I can think of to describe the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is “perfect.” It was perfect. The action, the comedy, the drama was balanced perfectly. You never get bored or feel rushed. There was great build-up to a great payoff. It was well rounded and still leaves you wanting more.

The reason the heroes are fighting each other is believable and compelling. We’ve come so far with these characters we actually care when they go through things like breaking up and we understand why they think they’re right when they stand by their convictions. The film doesn’t have to waste a second on exposition of motivation behind the heroes’ actions and decisions. We are truly witnessing film history with these MCU movies. They just keep getting better because of the years of foundational story that has come before. The only closest franchise with such similar accomplishment I can think of is the James Bond film series. But with an ever-rotating cast I still don’t think it comes close. The MCU is doing something extremely unique with the long-form narrative that cannot be duplicated.

Concerning Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, the sides of the conflict they fall on fit perfectly with their character. For Tony, if there’s a problem that has one definite solution he is the best man for the job. Steve is better at considering problems that may have multiple good answers. The movie played this characterization perfectly (there’s that word again).

Tom Holland as Spider-Man is absolute perfection. He is better than Toby “Mumble-mouth” Maguire or Andrew “Twilight hair” Garfield. As with most Marvel movies it’s the little things you don’t think about that make them so great. Peter Parker had a slight New York accent. Of course he should have an accent! He’s from Queens! I can’t wait for his new movie.

Captain America: Civil War will be the best $10 you spend all year. It’s completely satisfying. Stay until the end of the credits, you’ll see bits and pieces of future Marvel movies that I’m sure will be…well you know, perfect.

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