Pokémon GO! A Basic Survival Guide

Published On July 11, 2016 | Blog, The Nerd 411

Pokémon GO! was released in the United States this past Wednesday and it was go time for anyone that was a Pokémon fan. We immediately downloaded it and went on an adventure through my neighborhood and even played on the podcast.

The first prompt was to see a warning about paying attention to your surroundings, but quickly it was valuable advice! So, here’s a guide to keep you safe and alive, while hunting wild Pokémon.


Pokémon Prepping

Here are a list of items that you will need before you start your adventure or if have begun your questing for Pokémon. All you need to play is the app on your smartphone and make sure it is fully charged! Plus the following things along to make your experience better.

Here in Texas it feels like you are standing on the sun but safe is the number one priority. The best time to catch Pokémon is either early in the morning or later in the evening when it is not 100 degrees outside. We recommend checking weather before going outside. You want to make sure you are wearing the right clothes and shoes. 

Equipment – Here are a few things that we recommend bringing with you on your quest.

  • Backpack/Satchel – easy storage for your stuff
  • Snacks – Power Bar or trail mix for the long treks to catch that Snorlax or Onyx
  • Portable Phone Charger/Power Brick – Great for keeping your phone charged on the go. The game tends to a lot of power but will be fixed soon
  • Water Bottles/CamelBak – Stay Hydrated!!!
  • Towel – if you are out in the hot sun or to cover your head
  • Sunscreen – protect yourself
  • Sunglasses – thats if you plan to catch them during the day, do not use them at night

Rules for Travel

Go out in groups – While this is a good safety tip, it also makes the game a lot more fun. Go out as a family. Find a buddy. Traveling in groups does cut down on the chances of being confronted by a potential mugger or worse.

People’s property – The game tells you there’s Jolteon nearby: YAY!  But its in someone’s back yard, its not a good idea to go roaming through other people’s yards. Either ask permission or skip that Pokémon. 

Look where you’re going – A little situational awareness goes a long way.  There’s already been people bumping into each other and running into walls.

When going out at night to play the game, remember that you are going out at night. Wear some bright colors.

Poké Symbols

You will run into markers based off of real life landmarks. They are pretty much all over the place and they serve as a place to meet other trainers, get more points, Pokémon, or even battle gyms. Here are three of the symbols you will encounter. 

Pokémon Radar – You will find this guy in the bottom right corner, if you click the grey box it will show you all the Pokémon in that area. Some may be right on top of you, in which case they will appear on the map in the ring around your character, if you want to engage those Pokémon tap on their face and it will open the camera to begin a battle. If the Pokémon is near you, but not right on top of you, you will see the ‘footprints’ image under the Pokémon in the radar. 3-footprints is not very close, and 1 footprint is very close. The trick is to walk near the Pokémon and once it is in your player’s area it will appear! This can lead to a few detours on your route, so be careful when exploring.


Pokéstops – these markers will show up about a half mile away on your map in game. These Pokéstops are destinations that have a variety of Pokémon nearby, as well as items that can help you on the way. When a Pokéstop is in your player’s ring, it will change to an active site, spin the ring a few times until it drops items and turns purple. You will get Pokéballs, potions, or even some Pokémon Eggs for breeding. They recharge about every 3 minutes.  


Pokémon Gyms – Pokémon Gyms are similar markers like Pokéstops but they can be controlled by teams. You have a choice to join Team Instinct, Team Mystic, or Team Valor; when you level up to lvl 5.


Advance Tip! 

ScoutingWhen you have a car, or know someone with a car. It is a good idea to scout walking routes. I recommend a driver and a co-pilot, please do not drive and Play Pokémon GO!, seriously, just don’t. Have the co-pilot use the app to find areas that have a few Pokéstops and create a walking route. After all, I believe this game is fun to play with friends and definitely has potential to meet new friends. 


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